Tuesday, August 24, 2010

5 months old

Kalen turned 5 months old today and to celebrate he was a special treat. His teething took a new turn today and he was at times inconsolable. Nothing was working and I had to breakout the tylenol twice. Poor baby you can see how much he is hurting and I feel so bad for him.

He also decided today was a good day to start rolling from front to back. It seems that when he is in a good mood and playing he has no problem rolling from front to back but as soon as his mood turns sour he totally forgot he was able to do it and freaked out. He just started today so I am sure with time he will be rolling both ways like a champ.

To top of the evening Kalen decided to christen the bathtub with a #2. I was horrified and had no idea what to do. Normally I don't have a problem with his poo but seeing it floating in the tub totally grossed me out. He of course looked very pleased with himself.

Kalen rolled before I could take his picture.... goofy

Kalen looking out at the trees from his change table
(he has had some diaper rash for the past few days so we were having some bare bum time)

Reading his book..... so cute

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