Saturday, September 4, 2010

New house

We are building a new house and I am more then a little worried we will never get to live in it. When we first discovered that we were going to be expanding our family we made a very quick decision to buy a new house. At the time we had HORRIBLE neighbors and we felt for the safety of this child we could not live next to these people any more. Now one year later the horrible neighbors are gone and we finally finished all of the renovations on our place, 3 years later.

We were originally supposed to take possession of the new house just a few weeks after Kalen's due date but due to lack of action on the builders part our possession kept getting pushed back. This fact lead us to be unsure of when we should sell our current home. My parents very generously opened their home to us for how ever long we needed it. As a new mother I felt it was important to have some time with the new baby by myself in our home so we waited to put the house up for sale.

We spoke to our realtor and decided that June was the right time to list our place. Now here we sit the beginning of September and our house is still on the market and our possession date is fast approaching.

In honor of the home we hope to be ours very soon I thought I would post some recent pictures of it.
Our new home is a duplex, we are on the left side.

Here is the kitchen. The tile is a bit crazy but I like it.
Close up of the back splash
Looking in from the back deck
The living room, kitchen island and door to the back deck
The half bath. I choose this color to go with the back splash..... it's crazy!
Kalen's new room
The entrance from the garage

So now here we are hoping and praying that someone wants to buy our house in the next 20 days!!

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