Monday, August 2, 2010


I am not sure what is going on with Kalen. I am thinking he must be hitting a big growth spurt. On Saturday he was super cranky at his great-grandma's 90th birthday. I felt so bad for him, you could tell he was SO tired but there was way to much going on for him to sleep. When we finally left he crashed.

We then had dinner with M's mom and sister to celebrate M's 28th birthday and Kalen was either sleeping or crying. When we finally got home for good Kalen passed out at 9:45 and slept straight through to 7am and then went back to sleep after his morning bottle until 10. We were supposed to go to a family reunion on Sunday but with the way Saturday went we decided that Kalen needed us to stay at home and just hang out. He ended up sleeping a good portion of the day and falling asleep around 10pm and slept right through the night.

Once again today, Monday, he slept most of the day. He was up for about 45 minutes to an hour at a time, then sleeping for an hour or two. He drank all of his bottles dry, for the last few weeks he has been leaving close to an ounce in each so that is a big thing in itself. He also has had some minor diarrhea, nothing to crazy but he has had poop at every diaper change today and they were not very nice looking.

I am hoping it is just a growth spurt. I keep checking his temperature and it is normal so lets hope this growth spurt passes soon.

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