Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Why am I such a push over?

Most of you who know me IRL are probably thinking "what are you talking about?". I know that in most cases I am not, in fact most of the time I have a problem letting go when I have made up my mind but for some reason this is not the case with doctors.

I am not sure why but even when I totally disagree with the doctor I can't seem to say anything. Today Kalen had his 2 month well baby appointment and things went well.... I guess they went well. Dr. J said that Kalen is doing really well, growing like a weed (more on that later). Great, I am happy things are good.

When Kalen was first born the nurse in the NICU told us that he has a tongue tie and that we should get it clipped as sometimes it can cause feeding issues and speech issues when he is older. The nurse we had to see when he was finally released from the hospital also mentioned the tongue tie and told us to get it clipped. They had both said that it would do no harm to have it done but it may if we don't get it clipped. So to me that's an easy choice - CLIP IT!

My doctor was supposed to get us a referral right when Kalen was first born to a breast feeding clinic where the LC's are doctors that can do the clip but he never did. I am now not breast feeding so obviously I can't go there anymore. So at his appointment today I asked for a referral to someone else that can do it. Dr. J took a look at it and said "it looks good to me, you don't need to cut it". I was so irritated that I just stood there and said okay. OKAY... it's not okay! I want it clipped but I said nothing. My fault i know! Why didn't I just say that I wanted it done, why?

We have his 2 month shots on Tuesday so I am going to ask the nurse/ doctor if they can help me. Let's hope.....

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