Saturday, May 15, 2010

I have never enjoyed it so much

I have never had a better time at the mall then I did today.

We went to the mall to see if we could pickup an Ergo carrier that we want. They still have not gotten it in yet.... SAD. We proceeded on around the mall. Kalen was making some grunting noises but he had already gone poop earlier in the day so we figured he must have just been farting, he is really good at that.

We decided to go and get dinner in the food court. When we got there Kalen was being very fussy so I decided I would go change his diaper just in case. When I lifted him out of the car seat there was SHIT everywhere. He had taken a huge explosive crap and it had come out of his diaper. It was all over his butt and his car seat. I quickly put him back and took him to the washroom. It was everywhere!! The more I tried to clean it up the more it spread. I did my best to clean it and decided that it was not going to stop us.

So all I have to say about this shopping experience is GROSS!!!

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