Sunday, May 9, 2010

The day before Mother's day

I have titled this post the day before mother's day because the day before mothers day was awesome. We went for dinner with my parent's, my oldest brother and his family and M's mom. We went out to our favorite restaurant had an awesome dinner and dessert then we went back to the parent's house. We had a great time and a bunch of us played cards. It was awesome! I love my family and I love spending time with them. My brother and his girlfriend even got me flowers.

Turn to mother's day. This being my first maybe I was expecting more then I should have. I even warned M that I was wanting him to plan something for us to do. I did this because as much as I love him he is not the most thoughtful person on earth. He has a great heart but for some reason his heart and his head are not connected. So what happened today......... NOTHING. No card, no flowers, no anything. All i really wanted to do was to go for a walk with M and Kalen but we did not even do that. M did take all of the night feedings and he let me sleep in which was SO nice!

So my thought on today is that I am so happy to finally be a mommy! Kalen is the most amazing gift I could every receive and he is truly all that I need. I am so thankful for him! I am so grateful for my life and for my family!

Now a word of advise for my husband. I LOVE YOU! I know that you love me and that you truly did not want for me to be upset. For future reference I like cards! I like the stupid sentimental words on a piece of paper. So PLEASE put aside your feelings about cards and for the greater good of your marriage GET ME A CARD!!!! (At the very least)


  1. Glad I'm not the only one with a totally clueless husband!!

  2. Seriously what us wrong with them?? Sorry to hear Brad has dumb brain too!