Friday, April 23, 2010

One month today

Kalen is one month old today and it's hard to believe time is flying by so quickly. He is already looking so much bigger then when he came home. I am looking forward to when he is more alert and playful. I think he is going to have one awesome personality.

A letter to my baby:

Dear Kalen,
Today you are one month old and I am in awe of everything you do. You have been more alert over the past week. You make the cutest faces I have ever seen and you can melt my heart with just one little lift of your cheek. You are still just making fart smiles but they are so cute!

You are becoming more vocal every day. Mommy's friend Sarah came by the other day and I was telling her that I am so curious to know what your voice will sound like when you speak and if your hair will stay red like it is now. I can't wait to see you grow into a handsome little boy. I love you as the small little package you are today but I am also excited to see you grow and explore. Everyone keeps telling me that you look like your daddy, I can kind of see it, but you do have my nose and ears so you will be a good combo of both I think.

Daddy and I wanted you for so long and now that you are here I am scared to death that we will let you down. That as much as we want to we won't be the parents you deserve. I promise that no matter what happens in the future daddy and I will be here for you. Here to love you when you need us and be tough when you need us. We may not always do what you want us to but we will try to do our best to do what you need us to do.

I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always,
as long as i'm living
my baby you'll be. Robert Munch

I love you Kalen.


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