Sunday, April 25, 2010

Missed some things

I am a bad blogger. I have missed some of Kalen's firsts already so I thought I would write one update for them.

Saturday April 17th Kalen had his first restaurant experience. Kalen and I went to the Olive Garden with my brother Dannen, his girlfriend Cindy and her mom Carol. He was so good the whole time. The Olive Garden always has a really long wait to get in. We got there about 6 pm, got a table just after 7 and were done eating around 8:30. Kalen slept the whole time. We got home just after 9 and he was definitely hungry but good otherwise.

Then Friday April 23rd Kalen finally slept in his bassinet for the WHOLE night. He still woke every 3 to 4 hours to eat but when he was done he went back into the bassinet and went to sleep. He has been sleeping in our bed at night and as nice as it is (he is so nice to snuggle with) it is not a pattern I want to keep going for long. It's just so hard when he falls asleep so much easier and stays asleep longer when he is in our bed.

Saturday April 24th Kalen had is first experience with snow/ rain. We went to the mall to find a baby carrier. When we left the mall it was snowing/ raining and Kalen was maybe less covered then he should have been and his poor little face was soaking wet by the time we finally hit the car. He was less then impressed but we all survived so we will just have to chalk it up to a learning experience for all. Sorry baby!

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