Tuesday, April 13, 2010

3 weeks old

Wow how time flies. I can't believe Kalen is 3 weeks old already. I am so happy that he is here with us. He is such a good baby.

M and I are going on our first "date" tomorrow night. I think it will be nice to have some couple time but I am willing to bet we won't have much to talk about other then Kalen. Oh how life has changed. I am really looking forward to eating some really good food that I have not had for a while, butter and steak SOOOO excited.

We went for a visit at a friends house today. It was so good to get out. Her daughter is 6 and a half months old now and definitely developing her own little personality. I can't wait for Kalen to do more then eat and sleep. I am so excited for play dates where Kalen can actually play.

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