Sunday, February 28, 2010

What a week

It has been a very interesting week. I am so happy to be home but am not sure how I am supposed to be feeling at this point.

Let's start from the beginning on Monday night I had a gal bladder attack, not fun but unfortunately i have started to know how to best deal with them. So Tuesday morning I woke up with some discomfort but thought I would just try to deal with it. I went into work but the pain seemed to just get worse. I decided to go home around noon and try to rest it off.

Around 2pm the worst pain I have ever felt, WAY worse then the gal stone pain, started in my abdomen. I started to panic and called a girlfriend not knowing where the pain was coming from. Having lost my mucus plug a week and a half before I was worried that maybe labour was starting in. After talking to her for a while I was finally able to get ahold of my mother-in-law who took me to the hospital. I was still in pretty bad pain so I was starting to get concerned.

After a while and more doctors and nurses then I can count they were not sure exactly what was going on. They checked my cervix and said that the could only fit in a finger tip which meant I was most likely not going into labour. YEAH!! So now to figure out what was wrong. They had me pee in a cup and took some blood. Not sure what time they finally decided that it was pancreatitis caused by my gal stones. They hooked me up to a baby monitor and that is when I got really scared. Kalen's heart beat was very inconsistent and dropping very low. After they figured out that I had not kept any food down since Monday at lunch they decided to do an IV. After a while of the IV Kalens heart rate was still low but seemed to be gaining slowly.

They decided that they needed to admit me and the next morning I would be going in for a procedure called an ERCP (for some reason I am having a hard time remembering if thats what it is actually called). M had to leave me as husbands can't stay the night unless their wife is in labour. I was very sad to see him go but I am not one to freak out about rules I know are there for a reason.

The next morning I was woken very early so that they could take my blood again. I fell back asleep for a few more hours. Around 10 am the nurse came in to break the "good" news to me. My blood tests showed that the levels they were checking had not gotten any worse. You see to them this was good news but for me it was bad news because that now meant that I was no longer an emergency. So they had moved my procedure to the next day. They also told me that the only way to control pancreatitis is to not eat or drink anything. BOO! How on earth do they expect a pregnant lady to not eat or drink?! They ended up putting me on constant IV so that the baby and I would get what we needed.

M came by the hospital later that day and I think I probably slept most of the time he was there, sorry M. My girlfriend also came by which was so nice. While they were there the doctors for the pancreatitis issue came in to talk to me about the procedure they would be preforming. All went well until they told me that the procedure would now be happening Friday morning. I was so disappointed that they had once again moved it. I tried my best not to cry while they were there but as soon as they left the tear came. I just wanted the whole ordeal to be over with and now they were telling me I had to wait two more days.

Well turn to Thursday after noon and I was SO excited when the nurse came in to tell me that my doctors had decided I could have clear fluids until midnight. So of course I over indulged. I had water, popsicles, chicken consume and jello. What do you expect the pregnant lady to do?? Well don't worry I learned my lesson later that night when I got sick and had some other digestive issues. My nurse would not give me anything for the heartburn that also came but was willing to give me graval and morphine. The morphine totally knocked me out so I was able to sleep until the next morning.

Finally around 10:30 am the paramedics came to transport me to the hospital where they do the procedure. Don't ask me why they don't do it at the Rockyview as I have no idea but whatever. I was happy to be going for the procedure. Around 11:30 the doctor who would be doing the procedure came over to talk to me and let me tell you he had NO bedside manner. when he walked up to me the first thing he said was "are you pregnant?" it's like have you even looked at my chart?? I said yes that I was 33 weeks. His response was "well that sucks". Let me tell you I was less then impressed that this jerk was the one who would be doing the procedure but at that point I just wanted it done.

They had to use X-ray to preform the procedure which they also did not tell me before I got there but the nurses were very good in assuring me they would do everything they could to make sure that X-ray did not affect the baby. They gave me some drugs so that I would be awake but would not remember anything. Well let me tell you I don't remember a thing! The next thing I remember I was walking up to the paramedics ready to take me back to the Rockyview. When I got back to the Rockyview a different doctor came in to tell me that all went well. They did not find any stones in the ducts as they had thought they would but that there was a lot of sludge that they removed. He told me as long as I was feeling okay I could go home as soon as I could get a ride. So I called another friend and she came and took me home.

I am still having a bit of pain in my abdomen but I am going to call one of the doctors that gave me his card to see just how I should be feeling as no one really told me what to expect.

So I am hoping that this ordeal will be over very soon. I love this baby but I am so ready for him to be born.

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