Monday, February 22, 2010


How far along? 33 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: last doctors appointment 2 weeks ago I was down 13 pounds
Maternity clothes? Yes... had to get some new shirts, the belly is really starting to grow
Stretch marks? Yes :( Just noticed a few new ones on the lower side
Sleep: I miss sleep! I love sleep way to much and I am having a really hard time getting comfortable
Best moment this week:
Getting to see our little boy again today. His head is down low so I could not see his whole face but it was neat to see how much his feet have grown. The ultrasound tech measured him at around 3.75 pounds
Movement: he is not a huge mover but every once in a while he gets a really good jab in
Food cravings: Right now I am really craving Calamari which sucks because it is on the no no list... BOO
Gender: Boy - the ultrasound tech told me that he is definitely and that he has "a schwack of hardware" hahaha
Labor Signs: Lost my mucus plus last week end but for right now I am pretty sure he is staying put
Belly Button in or out? Still in but it is getting much less so by each week
What I miss: I miss everything that I am not supposed to eat
What I am looking forward to:
playing with the babe and maternity leave! I am so over work
Weekly Wisdom: I have nothing wise to say
Milestones: Seeing baby again. Even though I new everything would be okay I am always afraid before I go in for ultrasounds... always sure they are going to tell me something bad

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