Sunday, January 31, 2010

The lessons life tries to teach us

I have not been writing much on here lately mostly because all of the things going on in life are starting to become a little more then I can handle.

At the end of December M was laid of from his job due to lack of work at his company. At first I was not worried as I was sure he would find a job right away and life would be just as it was supposed to be. Well tomorrow is the first day of February and M still has no job. He tells me that he is trying his hardest to find a job and I believe him. I only have 7 weeks of work left, OMG 7 weeks, and there is no possible way that M and I can both be collecting EI and still pay all of our bills. I am trying to think positively but it is getting really hard!!

Why does life try to teach us lessons at the most awkward times? We are expecting a baby in 10 weeks, building a new house and trying to get renos complete on our current house. Right now is not the best time for M not to be working.

I know that people say god won't give you more then you can handle but I am not sure I believe that right now. You would think gall stones would be enough for one pregnant cranky lady to handle but I guess god thinks I am one strong lady because lord knows I am not sure I can handle all of this for much longer.... So with that said here is my prayer... please let M find a job within the next 4 weeks. PLEASE!

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