Saturday, January 2, 2010

Would a rose by any other name still smell as sweet?

Over the last 6 months M and I have not been able to agree on a boy's name. Which led me to believe that we would be having a boy. Well now that we know we are in fact having a boy we started the baby name talks all over again.

We both have names that we want but up to this point no one was willing to give into the other. Well I think it must be the hormones kicking in because the other day I decided that I would be the one to let go and choose M's name. So with that we have a name.

No one might think that is where the story ends but alas it does not.... now that we have a name we can't decide on how to spell it. So I am calling on anyone that has an opinion and would like to help.

We have decided that Baby T will be.......... Kalen Andrew Teare.

So here are the options:
1. Kalen
2. Kaylen
3. Kailen

I personally like #1 but I am not sure people will pronounce it the way it is intended. #2 is spelt the way we would like to pronounce his name but I can't get past the fact that I think adding a Y makes it girly. #3 was an option someone gave me yesterday but I think adding the i would make most people pronounce it as "kai"len when it should be "kay"len.

So what do you think? Please let me know as at this point I am totally lost. Also if you think of another version I am all ears.

Thanks friends!!!!


  1. I love the name!! Good choice. I say to go with the first way of spelling it.

  2. I like Kalen, too! Both other versions seem a little feminine to me. The only other versions I can think of would be with a "C" instead.