Thursday, November 12, 2009

Baby payback

For the last little while we have been telling everyone who asks a small white lie. We have been saying that our big ultrasound was not until the 17th but it was actually on the 11th. We wanted sometime where it was only our news. We wanted sometime to bond with our little boy or little girl before everyone else did.

So yesterday we went to the ultrasound and found out that baby Teare is a very healthy.... baby. It turns out that baby Teare wanted to teach mommy and daddy a lesson about lying to people so he/she sat on it's feet the whole time we were there. The ultrasound tech tried to get it to move but baby would not budge.

I have a doctors appointment for next week so I am going to beg my doctor to give us another ultrasound. If she will not I think we are going to pay to have another one. I found out yesterday that I most definitely want to know. After we left the ultrasound office all I wanted to do was cry. Don't get me wrong I am SO happy baby is healthy but I really wanted to know and when the tech said she could not tell it was like the air was let out of my tires. I just wanted to yell at her to keep trying but being the nice, sometime sane person I am I did not.

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  1. Glad to hear that baby is healthy... that's what's most important! I can sympathize with you though... Jack did the same thing to us! Luckily, my doctor was nice enough to send us for another ultrasound later on. We didn't find out that Jack was a boy until about 30 weeks, but at least we were able to find out before he arrived! Here's hoping your doctor will be kind, too! Good luck!