Tuesday, November 23, 2010

8 months old

Kalen is all over the place now that he can army crawl. He is SO active and just does not stop moving. We are taking baby & me classes right now and it's so funny to see him with other babies. He is by far the most active baby in class. A few of the moms have commented to me about how he does not sit still and how much work he is. I do have a bit of envy, I wonder what it would be like to have a baby that is content to lay on he floor and play with the toys for a while or one that can sit on my lap for an extended period of time happily.

Kalen has almost mastered sitting on his unassisted. He does well until he wants something that is not within reach. When he leans to get whatever it is that caught his eye he falls over in that direction. I am trying to make sure there is nothing within close range of him but he has hit his head a couple of times. He has started to learn to brace himself when he is falling but sometimes it catches him off guard. Last night he was sitting unassisted in his room playing with a toy while I went to run him a bath and I could hear the thunk of his head hitting something. When I got back to him he was right next to his crib and had a nice mark on his forehead. It lasted for a few hours and you can still see a small mark today but he is fine. He was fine about 3 seconds after he hit it.

Kalen @ 8 months:
- sit unassisted
- army crawl
- 2 bottom teeth
- loves to move, move, move
- started to babble a lot more (up until now most of his communication he come in the form of a very loud shriek!)
- he hates getting his diaper changed although he does love being naked

We love you so much Kalen!!

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