Tuesday, March 8, 2011


When I found out I was pregnant I immediately made an appointment with my g.p to get referred back to the ob I saw when I was pregnant with Kalen. He had me go give some blood for tests they needed to do and to confirm the pregnancy. When the pregnancy was confirmed I was told they would contact me with an appointment with the ob.

I heard from my g.p a week later that the ob's office wanted me to go for a dating ultrasound and some more blood tests. I did that and have been waiting to hear about my appointment. Well I finally got a call back yesterday (6 weeks since this all began) my g.p wanted to see me. I went in today and found out that my ob has agreed to take me on as a patient again but will not see me until May 11th! I will be 20 weeks pregnant before I see a doctor. To me that is crazy and even though I am not worried about something being wrong with the baby I also don't think I feel comfortable not having a doctor to see until then.

My g.p does not do maternal care so he will not see me but he said he will try to find me a doctor to see me until the ob will. STUPID!!!

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