Monday, January 3, 2011

Spills from the coffee table

Kalen is really starting to get into EVERYTHING and while for the most part it is good, clean learning there is one particular object he has a fascination with that is not so great. Kalen has decided that he is in love with the coffee table and in the last week alone it has caused two good bruises.

We are on the hunt for a good baby friendly coffee table. We are thinking about going with a fabric covered ottoman but want something that is friendly to us as well. We went looking today and found one that you can turn over the top to have a hard solid surface as well. Only problem was we would have to have ordered it and it would take 4 - 6 weeks. With the accidents we have been having lately we need to make this change sooner then later.

Now the part where I complain about this situation. M's mother is ALWAYS worried about Kalen hurting himself. She repeatedly tells me how afraid of things she is and it gets rather annoying to be honest. We told her this past weekend that we were on the hunt for a new coffee table because of all of the spills Kalen has taken. She then tells us that we are going to have to let the kid learn somehow and getting a new coffee table is not a way to teach him. Are you freaking kidding me??? This from the person who is afraid to let him sit on the couch, to have him basically do anything. OH when will things ever not irritate me so much????

Now I am going to pimp my child's injury out to you all so that you will agree with me and say I should get a new coffee table.
This is right after the first fall
The mark a few days later
There was a second spill just yesterday that has left the babe looking like he has a black eye and it is rather sad. I keep feeling like I need to explain the marks on my child before some stranger up and calls the police.

So what do you think? Should we get a new coffee table or are we over reacting?

Thanks for your help peeps :)

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